Green Crown Consulting

Green Crown Arborworks provides highly qualified consulting arborist services to clients in the Greater Vancouver Area.  Our clients range from condos with small garden plots, to single-family dwellings, housing co-ops and apartment complexes, to large industrial properties, to developers, engineering and other consulting firms, and municipal governments.

We have been providing consulting and tree care to clients in the Greater Vancouver Area since 2007.  In 2017 we shifted our focus from operating a full-featured tree service to consulting arborist services.


We are fully insured and are covered by WorkSafeBC.

As of August 2017, Green Crown has shifted to full-time consulting services, and will no longer be providing services such as hedge trimming, large tree pruning or removal, stump grinding, and storm damage repair.  I am, however, happy to help with smaller ornamental and fruit tree pruning when time permits.

American Society of Consulting Arborists - Jason Malysh
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