Fine Pruning and Planting

I am passionate about the fine pruning of small to medium-sized trees and shrubs.  After more than a decade of revisiting thousands of trees I have pruned over the years, observing their growth responses, and refining the practice, I have an intimate knowledge of the long-term effects of how and where pruning cuts are made.

Pruning is a delicate balance of art and science, blending aesthetic vision with a deep understanding of plant anatomy and physiology.  When done poorly, however, pruning can have permanent and severe detrimental effects on a tree's health and beauty.  Be wary of tree services that advertise "tree trimming" or "lopping", and walk away from any that advertise "topping".

The most impactful treatment a tree or shrub ever experiences, however, is planting; it is also, unfortunately, often the most overlooked.  Over 90% of the cases of tree death or severe decline I have witnessed can be directly attributed to poor planting techniques.  Such cases are especially heartbreaking, as symptoms often don't manifest for five to fifteen years - the tree begins to die just at the age where all the years and money spent on care and establishment are supposed to finally start paying off.

Equally important is selecting a suitable species or cultivar for a planting site, or a suitable site for a given species, both above- and below-ground.  Expert advice on potential future conflicts with underground infrastructure, buildings, service lines, viewscapes, or other factors can prevent expensive long-term maintenance, repairs, or unnecessary tree removal.

I can help with selecting and planting a future asset to your landscape, ensuring it has the best possible chance of thriving in the long-term.

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Pruning tools
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