Tree Inventories & Management Plans

Following a long-term tree management plan can provide significant long- and short-term savings over having regular or periodic maintenance conducted as recommended by tree service contractors. Many contractors prescribe unnecessary regular work that often leads to trees having higher maintenance requirements and, consequentially, much higher costs of ownership. Sometimes, such practices are recommended because of insufficient knowledge of tree physiology, but often it is to create a long-term source of income for less scrupulous companies.

Having a management plan developed by an impartial consulting arborist, whose income is not tied to tree owners spending more money on maintenance, can help protect property owners from unnecessary costs. Long-term management plans can also help to optimize tree care budgets by recommending work to be done in the most cost-efficient order.

We provide detailed tree inventories and 3-5 year management plans for both residential and commercial properties. Our plans include both printed and digital reports with tables and maps, a Microsoft Excel database including photographs of each tree that can be maintained by the client, us , or other arborists, and a KML file that can be opened in the free Google Earth application showing the location and details of each tree. Trees are tagged in the field to correspond with tree numbers in the database, except on neighbouring or municipal properties.

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